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You deserve to be free; free to live in peace, love, joy, and harmony.

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We envision a world in which all people are free to live in peace, love, joy, and harmony.

Donation-based. Personal Growth for All.

Envisioned with Humanity in Mind.


On-demand. Personalized. Effective. Built with You in Mind.


Connect. Learn. Heal. Grow.

Created with Community in Mind.

Upcoming Group Events

We believe in the power of community, releasing shame, and sharing the journey with others for we have learned that as we heal ourselves, we heal one another. 

All of our events are no-cost, 100% donation-based. Join us.

Video Coaching

We believe in the power of using life as the training ground for growth and merging spirituality with practicality to create permanent, life-changing results.

Christina's style is like no other. Check it out.

  • What's Making You Feel Unlovable Today?
    Online Event
  • Turning Darkness into Light
    Online Event
  • Learning to Love Ourselves from the People Who Hurt Us (Group Event)
    Online Event

Need Coaching?

We've got you covered. Tell us your story or what's going on and Christina will record you a no-cost, personalized coaching video response.


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Our hardships prepare us for living our purpose and developing the strength to thrive.

~Christina Renée Joubert, founder

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No-cost/Donation-based personal growth for all. Pay what you want, pay what you can, or pay nothing at all. You deserve to be free and live in peace, love, joy, and harmony. #personalgrowthforall #spiritualgrowthforall #itstime

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