• Christina Renée Joubert

Are You Ready for a Soulmate?

If you were to take a step back and consider your ideal relationship, what would it look like?

Would you see an inspiring relationship that’s full of laughter, passion, compassion, faith and support? Would you see a magical partnership that’s overflowing with love, tolerance, acceptance, trust and mutual respect?

What qualities do you long for in a relationship? What qualities do you long for in a soulmate?

If those qualities presented themselves in a partner tomorrow, would you be able to embrace that partner?

Most of us think we could.

But, the truth is, most of us are searching or longing for relationship qualities that we are (unknowingly) incapable of receiving.

For example, you may long for deep, passionate love and yet fear being hurt so you never really allow a deeply passionate lover in (or you find reasons why that person can’t stay).

Or, you may crave to be understood, heard and accepted and yet be so afraid of losing love that you never really let people see who you really are or hear your true wants, needs, and desires.

Or, perhaps you desire to have a relationship full of laughter and joy but you feel so dead, numb or empty inside that nothing really inspires laughter, and very little inspires true heartfelt joy.

Or, maybe you want a partner who tells you are beautiful but when you look in the mirror all you see is disgust and self-hatred. Would you believe your partner’s words, if they echoed them?

And so why? Why do we crave and long for relationship qualities that we are incapable of receiving?

The answer is simple and yet mind-blowingly complex.

It is because we are programmed to crave and need pure love; we are born into that intuitive desire.

Then our lives fill us with insecurities, fears, and pain. And, we become programmed to fear the very forms of love we crave.

And yet, our spirits still want for us to return to our God-given birthright and to feel the safety, magic, security and freedom found in the embrace of pure, unconditional love.

And so we spend our whole lives craving it – chasing it – and trying to experience the kind of love that most only dream of.

And, what we fail to recognize – the saddest part – are the people along the way who are put before us to get us closer to the bliss-filled, unconditional love we dream of.

We don’t recognize them because their lessons show up with pain.

But, their lessons also show up with a deep, inexplicable love.

These people are our soulmates.

And contrary to popular belief, pain and love co-exist to heal us.

Unlike the fantasy stories told in the movies, our soulmates are put before us to help us to learn, heal and grow.

As the name implies, they bring forth matters of the soul . . . brought to us to help us release some of the old, conditional forms of love we’ve picked up throughout our lifetime(s).  They come to help us release our fears, by showing us our insecurities, anger, addictions, emptiness, numbness, self-doubts, self-hatred and the lies we unknowingly tell ourselves and others.

And because our love (and longing) for them is so deep (and oftentimes so instant), they have a way of really opening us up, showing us all of ourselves and giving us the greatest opportunity that life will ever give us – to find our inner heart wounds and heal them.


Their love is surrounded by one of the biggest myths of all time.

And greatest gifts.

If you need help with your soulmate relationship, consider one of my coaching sessions or one of our healing journeys (titled When Soulmates Unite - Learning to Love Ourselves from the People Who Can Hurt Us).

With love,

Christina Renée Joubert is an author, teacher, and down-to-earth spiritual coach + healer who merges spirituality with practicality to help people live aligned, joy-filled lives. She also teaches people how to take back their power by finding meaning, joy, inner peace, and love in every experience (good or bad) and from everyone. www.helpourpeopleevolve.com


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