• Christina Renée Joubert

Pain and Capacity for Love

Pain is here to heal us.

Our pain shows us where our wounds are and the areas within us that still need healing. When we deny our pain, we are denying our full capacity for love — for pain takes up the space where love could otherwise reside.

For most of my life, I denied my pain. I hid it behind my addictions: drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, TV, work, and empty/bad relationships. I chased after bad relationships and rolled out a welcome mat for poor treatment. All so that I didn’t have to truly feel.

I blamed others for my pain wishing they would be different, wishing they would treat me different, and begging for them to love me different — love me more like I needed them to to feel love.

I stuffed down, numbed out or blamed away every ounce of my pain saying things like “if you could love me more, I wouldn’t feel so alone.” or “if you treated me better, I wouldn’t have to feel so unloved”.

And when I started on my journey of learning to love myself back in 2012, at the age of 33, I began to see just how purposeful my pain had been all those years and what I master I had been at denying it.

I also realized that when we deny it, we are truly denying our full capacity to love. For when we give away the power of our pain, we give away the power of our love.

When we deny our pain, we are denying our capacity for love.

In the video below, we dive into the topic and I talk about the ways we deny our pain — how it shows up, what the stories are we tell ourselves and others to hide our pain or blame it away. I also give a tip for staying connected to your pain so that you can heal the pain and replace it with more joy and more love. This tip and the energy I share it with can change your life — if you let it.  It’s simple — not complex — but powerful.

Deeply in love with love,

Christina Renée Joubert is an author, teacher, and down-to-earth spiritual coach + healer who merges spirituality with practicality to help her students live aligned, joy-filled lives. She also teaches people how to take back their power by finding meaning, joy, inner peace, and love in every experience (good or bad) and from everyone. www.helpourpeopleevolve.com


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