Nothing Happens To Us & Everything Happens for Us

Most people are programmed to believe that life happens TO them. That things happen TO them. That people do things TO them.

But, what if we lived our lives with the belief and the understanding that nothing was happening TO us and instead everything was happening FOR us?

That the hurt you feel is purposeful. That the breakup you just went through was valuable. That the heartbreak you are feeling is leading you closer to true, unbreakable love. That the emotional fear you're feeling is guiding you to a place of surrender and a place of greater wholeness. That the loneliness you feel is inviting you into a deeper connection with yourself and inviting you to learn how to nurture yourself and learn healthier ways to soothe yourself.

What if we lived our lives with the mentality that everything that was happening in and around us had value and purpose in getting us closer to the dreams and the destination we so desperately seek? What a magnificent and beautifully uplifting world we would live in.

In today's video post, I chat a little about this concept and why it's so powerful to begin reframing your habitual belief patterns away from believing that experiences are happening to you and toward the belief methodology that things are happening FOR you.

In this easy-to-follow video, I illustrate this and teach you a new methodology that may help as you begin to reframe your life and regain your power to grow, heal, and evolve into the best version of yourself that you can be.

Because truly, one of the greatest secrets to growth is owning and accepting responsibility for the ways in which we feel and the ways in which we show up. When we are able to do this, we are in our power -- even if we feel scared, lonely, triggered, etc. When we are unable to own who we are and how we feel, then we simply project our pain onto others (making them the cause of our pain). And as long as we do that, we remain stuck and stuck in our own self-imposed prison, unable to grow and unable to be and feel emotionally whole and free.

Other people are not the cause of our pain, but they are a reminder of it.

After you watch this video, I would love to hear what's bubbling up for you. Either leave a comment on the post or send me an email here. If you'd like for me to record a video coaching session based on your situation or circumstance, please submit your situation here and I'll record you a free video response with my thoughts, feedback, and suggestions.

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And, regardless of the route you take or the belief structure you have, please always remember that having the right mindset is more than half the battle.

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Deeply in love with love,

Christina Renée Joubert is founder and CEO of Teaching the World to Love; author of When Soulmates Unite – Learning to Love Ourselves from the People Who Can Hurt Us the Most; and a proud mommy to a beautiful little boy.

Christina has dedicated her life to making accessible to all people the knowledge, wisdom, tools, and strategies that can help them reframe their past, transform their present, and change the trajectory of their relationships and lives - now and for generations to come. Donation-based personal growth for all. #itstime

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