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Our healing journeys are designed to provide students with the healing, information, and tools needed to transform their relationships, experiences, and life.

Pain and love co-exist to heal us.

When Soulmates Unite®

coupleS' healing journey

Have you ever wondered why the people you love, do things that hurt you?

In today’s world, most of us blame, shame and get angry at the people who do things that hurt us. But, what if we lived in a world where we recognized that the people who hurt us are giving us the greatest opportunity to learn more about ourselves, get closer to ourselves, and ultimately get closer to one another and to love?

What a powerful world it would be…


Nearly every challenge we face in our relationships and in life is happening so that we can grow, heal and evolve.


In Christina's When Soulmates Unite® healing journeys, she shows students the power and purpose of pain -- teaching her students how to turn pain, anger, fear, insecurities, resentments, dysfunctions, and shame -- into the catalysts that fuel her students' growth as individuals and as members of a relationship unit.

"The goal in my couples' coaching practice is not to save terrible relationships. The goal is to help each partner to mend the divides within themselves so that each person can bring their best and most beautiful self to the relationship. If the two are 'meant to be', each person will utilize the tools I give them -- along with their newfound inner peace -- and they will begin to honor themselves and one another and the rest will take care of itself."

~Christina Renée Joubert



Nine (9) sessions of coaching. One hour each.

Three session for you as an individual.

Three sessions for your partner as an individual.

Three sessions as a unit/couple.

WHY separate sessions:

There's no way to have a healthy whole if there are two "broken" pieces. Separate sessions allow for each person to begin to see their own opportunities to learn, heal, and grow as individuals BEFORE trying to do it as a couple. 


Online. Using Zoom. Connect on any internet-enabled device from anywhere in the world.


After you purchase your package, you'll receive an email confirmation that includes a certificate code. The certificate code is what is used to book each session.  


Yes, for the most part. To ensure Christina can reach the highest number of people and to offer the greatest convenience for everyone, almost all coaching sessions are done online. If you absolutely must do in-person sessions, please contact Christina here.


The entire cost is $1,333.


Contrary to popular belief, the people who do things that hurt us are giving us the greatest opportunity to see the places within us where we are still wounded so that we can heal where we are still wounded -- once and for all.

But most people shame, blame, resent, and get angry at the people who do things that hurt them. And as a result, most people never really heal. 

In this healing journey we dive deep into the people, places, and things that cause you anger, resentments, insecurities, and fear to help you uncover the lessons and the gifts these people are bringing forth so that YOU can grow, heal, and evolve. The added bonus: As you shift, it's likely others will too.

In our individual and joint sessions, you will:

Learn new, life-changing, empowering perspectives about yourself and your relationship

Learn how to stop giving away your happiness every time your partner does something that hurts you or makes you feel angry

Understand the dynamic between you and the people who cause you discomfort, anger or pain -- the role you are inspired to play in each other's lives

Begin to identify more easily the lessons your partner is here to teach you (about you)

Begin to heal the connection between you and your partner

Begin to elevate beyond the hurt and anger so that you are not as affected by your partner's actions

Learn how to stay connected to the pain in a way that empowers you and heals you

Understand when and why your partner and other people trigger you

Develop gratitude for the moments when you are being triggered (It sounds like "crazy-talk" but it's powerful and life-changing and Christina will explain how and why)

Learn techniques for rising above the pain, resentment, discomfort, fear so that those feelings don't continue to impact your every day life

Learn ways to get "unstuck" when you're stuck in the heat of the moment

Learn lasting ways of re-building the foundation of your relationship

Learn to love yourself and honor yourself more

Begin to transform the dynamics between you and those who hurt, anger or frustrate you

This journey will also help you to:

Release the hold that pain, insecurities, anger, and fear have had on your life and relationships

Release what's preventing you from receiving love and feeling loved


Learn techniques for "filling yourself up"


Learn powerful, actionable techniques for letting other people's thoughts and feelings go

Help you to release connections to needing dysfunction in your life, love, and relationships


Open you up to more love and self-love

Teach you how to take back your power from those who hurt, shame, blame, or judge you

Teach you how to turn your pain into your superpower so you can heal you life

As we reframe the architecture of your understanding and your energetic connection to your experiences, life, and pain, you will come to realize that pain and love co-exist to heal us. You will also come to realize that there is purpose in your pain, glory on the other side of your hardships and love surrounding you and guiding you -- always -- even when it doesn't feel like it. And you'll begin to understand and appreciate that wherever you hurt the most, you also have the greatest opportunity to heal the most (and what a gift that is!)

As a result of these new understandings, you will begin to see yourself shift, your life shift, and your relationship dynamics shift -- sometimes in an instant! 


When soulmates unite


Couples' Coaching and Healing

Nine Sessions (3 x 3 x 3).

One hour each session.

Flexible/Online scheduling.

Join from any internet-enabled device, anywhere in the world.