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Hello, you. Christina here. 


At Teaching the World to Love™, we're sick-and-tired of the way society engages mental, emotional, and spiritual growth. And, we're sick-and-tired of "happiness" being marketed as a commodity that requires people spend top dollar and invest their trust -- only to be misled, capitalized upon, and left without the outcome they thought they bought.

And, we're tired of people believing and feeling that love, joy, and happiness are out of reach. We're tired of people not having the tools and strategies they need to feel the tender, loving mercy that comes with pure inner peace. And, we're tired of people spending their whole lives never being able to experience the healthy boundaries, self-love, self-worth, and self-confidence that is available for everyone to learn how to receive.

As the leader of this team, I'm tired of holding + knowing the information, tools, and strategies required to help and not sharing them with the world. I'm tired of failing myself in this regard. And, I'm tired of being another person who has failed you. I'm so tired of it all. For most of my life I've been scared of my own power, my own gifts, and my own shadow. But, I'm not scared anymore. And, I'm sorry it's taken me this long to heal myself so that I could honorably, outwardly, and responsibly give you the tools to help you heal yourself too. Please forgive me.

You see, I believe with every fiber of my being that feeling supported, worthy, joy-filled, and loved is a right, not a privilege. And, I believe -- and can prove -- that everyone has the ability to feel this way in life. And, I know from experience that the biggest obstacles standing in your way to experiencing this kind of life are access to the knowledge, wisdom, tools, and strategies that can truly help you -- and a teacher who is willing to stand up for you, protect your right to bliss, and willing to sacrifice and overcome everything in life to teach you righteously; a teacher like me.

So, being true to who I am and how I show up, I decided "enough!" and that it was time to put my fears to bed and put my money where my mouth is, and break the status quo by creating a platform in which I could teach these strategies -- and provide you with these tools -- and do it in a way that would make the information financially accessible to all

My style of teaching is direct, honest, compassionate, and clear. I use your real-life problems as the training ground for growth and I merge spirituality with practicality to give you the knowledge, wisdom, tools, and strategies required to change what you don't like about your life -- and enjoy more of what you love. 

If you're sick-and-tired of experiencing the same old patterns of anger, emptiness, resentments, insecurities, disappointments, dysfunctional relationships, triggering experiences, anxiety, addictions, disconnection from yourself/faith/God/love/life, and/or fear—I'm ready to guide you.

If you're tired of experiencing more fear than faith, more hate than love, more resentment than forgiveness, more anger than compassion, more sorrow than joy, more emptiness than fullness, more loneliness than connectedness, more despair than hope, more darkness than light, or more anxiety than peace—request a free personalized coaching video from me.

We're building our new platform to support you in whatever challenges life is throwing at you.

You've got this! And, we've got you! We promise.

With love, gratitude, grit, and grace,

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Christina Renee Joubert - Speaking one-p
Christina Renee Joubert - Speaking one-p

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We listen to you. We create for you. We interact with you. We keep it real for you. We give you the tools and strategies you need + deserve. We believe in you. We don't bullshit you. We support you. We walk with you. We honor you. We meet you where you're at. We take you to where you want to be. We are grateful for you. We value you. We respect you. We love you.

We believe feeling supported, worthy, joy-filled, and loved is a right, not a privilege.

We make everything we offer financially accessible to all. Always.




what others are saying

“Christina Renée Joubert has a gift, not just an empath, guide and teacher. She has the gifts of insight, wisdom, intuition, and the ability to connect to the hearts of every one of us. She truly embodies the beauty in sharing and holding space for others to grow and heal. She is a soul sister in the realest sense. I have no other word to describe her than ‘beautiful’. She radiates it and embodies it. She makes you feel like you’ve known her your whole life, like a cherished friend and confidant; such a generous soul, with unconditional love and vulnerability to share. Christina doesn’t just have a gift, she IS a gift, and I am better for having received it. Thank you. Love you. Forever grateful.” ~Vanessa, Ontario, Canada

“I have been on my own soulful healing journey for a couple of years now. In Christina’s very first video, I felt as if I had known her in some way all my life. She is soft spoken, encouraging, very supportive and I love how she answers questions or concerns in great detail. Her ability to pick up on our energy and address concerns with such empathy and with so much heart is a miracle tool she used to help in so many ways. I was angry nearly all the time, that is gone…as in vanished. Working with Christina has been a beautiful thing, beyond measure. If you are seeking someone who is very genuine in helping you heal and grow, Christina is it; you will gain so much clarity in your journey.”  ~Tammy, Florida, USA

"Wow!! Christina has changed my perspective on a reoccurring issue that kept showing up in my life.  She got me through that issue and gave me the tools to stop it from happening again. Before my journey with Christina, I was irritated, defensive and lost.  Now I feel calm, peaceful, and have more understanding." ~ Mana, Nevada, USA

"Christina has been truly a blessing in my life. I came across her website when I was dealing with a certain situation in my life. I needed clarity and guidance. Christina has been genuine, authentic and exceptionally helpful. She's been my mentor and confidant. I look forward to our talks. They bring me so much peace and comfort regardless of what situation I'm dealing with. I would highly recommend Christina. Her knowledge and spiritual teachings are gifts from God. I am beyond grateful for her." ~ Joy, Nevada, USA

“I am so grateful for the gift you gave in helping open my heart back up. My heart is full of joy, and I’m learning to focus daily on the things and people I love and push out negative energy. The more good thoughts I have, the less room there is for anything else.”  ~Fiona, Canada

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