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Learning how effectively merge spirituality with practicality changed my life, the life of my son, and the trajectory of our lineage for generations to come. It has also done the same for countless others.

~Christina Renée Joubert

Christina Renée Joubert is founder and CEO of Teaching the World to Love™; author of When Soulmates Unite – Learning to Love Ourselves from the People Who Can Hurt Us the Most ; creator of the personal/spiritual growth site When Soulmates Unite; and a proud mommy to a beautiful little boy.


Christina has spent her entire life overcoming hardships, beating the odds, and cracking the code to a life full of self-love, self-worth, inner peace, and never-ending joy.

Christina believes with every fiber of her being -- and is living proof -- that complete emotional healing can be found at the intersection where spirituality and mental health unite. Christina also believes that it's not enough to simply work on the mind when dealing with mental and emotional health issues; one must also work on the spirit for when the spirit is healed, everything else in life follows.

As such, she has dedicated her life to giving people the information, wisdom, tools, and strategies needed to reframe their experiences, break old patterns, and develop the self-love, self-worth, and self-confidence every person so righteously deserves.


In doing so, she turns traditional, paralyzing beliefs, behaviors, and patterns on their head -- giving people a new, refreshed way to look at the same old problems and the same old dysfunctional patterns that show up in life. And, she gives people the tools, tips, tricks, and strategies necessary so they can break the patterns that have kept them stuck and let go of the anger, anxiety, resentments, insecurities, blame, shame, judgments, addictions, and fears that have forced them to feel alone, unworthy, and unloved -- living pattern-driven, fear-based, less-than-joy-filled lives.

The wisdom, teaching, and coaching Christina provides allows people to easily and effortlessly turn negative experiences into opportunities to learn, heal, and grow; negative thoughts into powerfully uplifting inner change; and emotional pain into the fuel that powers one's personal growth and expansion.

Christina's strategies and methodologies are a unique and seamless blend of science, spirituality, and practicality oftentimes with mind-blowing results.

The end result for students is an awakening unlike anything they've experienced before, which includes the ability to feel powerful, free, happy, and whole -- regardless of what's going on in their lives or who's trying to stop or block them.

Students and clients learn:

  • The strategies and tools required in order to implement health boundaries, self-love, self-worth, self-esteem, self-respect, healthy habits, confidence, etc.

  • How to cultivate purpose, inspiration, love, creativity, and joy -- from every person, feeling, experience, and ounce of darkness or pain.

  • How to consciously retrain their brains to create new patterns, habits, and cycles to replace the old, worn-out ones that no longer serve them to hold onto

  • How to overcome everything, always, and be "better off" as a result.

  • How to turn their pain into their superpower and their darkness into light -- shifting their perspectives, their experiences, and their lives.

Christina's classes, sessions, pep talks, and live events are:

INSPIRED: The solutions she provides are inspired by daily life, each person's daily conflicts, and the daily desire we all have to love and be loved.

PRACTICAL: The information, wisdom, tools, and strategies she provides are accessible, understandable, relatable and can be easily practiced and applied to your daily life – with mind-blowing results.

LIFE-CHANGING: Most of our students are astounded that the issues they've had their entire lives begin to go away and dissolve – sometimes instantly – when they start engaging our methodology and start putting into practice our ultramodern and ultrapractical blend of science, spirituality and practicality.

REAL, NO BS: There's no BS in what Christina teaches; her sessions, teachings, and client/student outcomes are as real as the measles but 100x more fun. 

And she delivers her methodologies in every class she teaches, every pep talk she records, every coaching session, and every contact she makes with anyone.

Christina's style is as unique as a fingerprint and as ever-lasting as love. 

If you’re ready to be free, join us.


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